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Product Situations

Returned Products

As you are representing Disciple, any products returned must be put into sale and have their price reduced. However if the product has not been used and is in new condition, then it can be returned to full price.

Unsold Products

Because of the quality of our clothing, we hope to encounter minimal unsold products. However if a store has had unsold clothing for long period of time, we will not be able to refund it, but we may be able to sell it through our website (as long as its still in new condition). Please email for more details.

Stolen Products

We cannot provide financial help for stolen products. We suggest to change the location of the products in your store to somewhere more open and exposed, to put up a 'CCTV in operation' sign (if you have CCTV), to monitor the products more regularly, or invest in more security for your shop.

Delayed Products 

If your order hasn't arrived - please email us at and we'll look into the issue.