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Display Requirements

Display Options

To reach a generation drawn to visuals its important to have a quality display. Therefore we have 2 options below of how to set up the display for Disciple products:

1. A member of the Disciple team can set the display in your store (according to the following points)

  • We will set up your display using either the products from the display collection (which will be charged for accordingly) or any display you provide us with that we feel is suitable for the brand. 
  • The set up itself is free of charge.
  • We will use the space you provide us with and build the display appropriate to the amount of stock you intend to hold regularly.
  • It is then your responsibility to ensure it continues to meet the display requirements.

2. You can set up your display in your own store (according to the following points)

  • Your display can be built from either the products in our display collection or any other display you have.
  • A member of the Disciple team will have to check the display once built, to ensure it meets our display requirements and visually compliments the quality of the brand.
  • The display will have to be checked by a member of the Disciple Team before any of our clothing and accessories can be sold with it.
  • Once proceeded it is then your responsibility to ensure it continues to meet the display requirements.


Display Requirements

Set up.

  • The logo, price list and our pictures need to clear and visible to the customers.
  • The clothing must not be pinned to a wall, however it can be hung up instead.
  • Any hats or beanies must not be stuffed.
  • There must be more than 10 items of clothing hanging up for customers to access easily.


  • The display needs to be regularly checked and kept clean. The clothing must be refolded or hung up after a customers use.


  • If any display is damaged/broken, it will need to be replaced (unless it is very minor and out of sight).
  • If you order more than what your display is suitable for, then you will have to expand your display or store it separately.
  • Any large adjustments to your display need to be photographed and sent to Disciple to be checked.
  • At christmas time, other festive occasions or your own event/themes, feel free to add the odd item to the display to align with what you're doing, we just ask you do it suitably to the brand.


Stock Requirements

  • Minimum clothing stock total: 15
  • Minimum accessories stock total: 10
  • Minimum stock per clothing products: 5

(unless a clothing product is being sold out to be replaced with another)


Display Locations

If you have any conferences or events coming up and don't have any display to use. Our Disciple Team might be available to bring a portable display and help sell your clothing! Email us at to see if we're available and for more information.