Step 1. Join the community.

We’ve decided to make an exclusive group for those who love Jesus, and are interested in the disciple movement. To gather people together to inspire each other with thoughts, updates, guests and more.

Step 2. Become a Rep.

Represent Disciple and share your testimony with amigos.

• Reps get 20% off merch.

• Opportunity to share their testimony

• Feature on our main page


 So thats what it is, here’s how it works: 

1. Grab your discounted merch on our website (code – disciplemovement12)

2. Take a cool picture of you wearing it in your word.

3. Upload to your insta with your testimony attached or send it directly to us via instagram or whatsapp 07400501070

4. If uploaded to your insta or sent to it us, tag us and we’ll put it onto our main page!


Hashtag for this campaign is #disciplestories