In an industry where 61% of brands don’t know where their clothes come from and 93% don’t know where their fabrics are made, it was important for us to pursue product transparency.

We’ve decided to source our clothing from ‘Know the Origin’ who have been voted ‘Ethical Consumer’s Top Rated Fashion Brand’. KTO has created a new standard that values people, the environment and transparency equally.

Our friend Charlotte (Founder of KTO) has shown us how unethical the fashion industry has become, and that through sourcing ethically we can support the people behind our products and impact local community.

Some of our older clothing ranges were sourced from Continental and Fruit of the Loom because of their lower prices. But from understanding that these prices were at the cost of the people and families behind the clothing, our products have been sourced from KTO instead.

Know the Origin’s commitment to transparency:

1. We will only ever make clothing with factories that we have relationship with and have visited. You will always be able to view a list of producers that we work with, along with imagery of it being made.

2. We will never compromise on our values, just to bring you a new fabric, even if that means having a smaller range or more items in one colour. We will always be able to tell you exactly where they have come from.

To visit KTO’s website and learn more about who made our clothing – click the link below!